Association Documents


Office Bearers

Chair: Brett Cleary
Deputy Chair: Brett Sharp
Treasurer: Dane Jones
Secretary: Mark Nikolai
Public Officer: Ian Cooksey


Member Organisation Representatives


                   SEA CHARTER BOAT OPERATORS of TASMANIA  Delegate - Brett Sharp



Chair - Brett Cleary

Brett was an inaugural Member Organisation delegate of TARFish and has been on the TARFish Committee almost continuously since 2004. Brett's recreational fishing skills and experience includes being a qualified Scuba Diver, Qualified Skipper and has previously worked as a Charter boat operator. Brett enjoys fresh and saltwater fishing and has owned a block at Tooms Lake for over twenty years. He is Past Deputy Chair of Recfish Australia and assisted with the change of organisational structure for Recfish Australia. Brett has previously been the President and Executive Officer of the Tasmanian Game Fishing Association. Brett is Past President of the Game Fishing Association of Australia, previous Director of the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation and holds numerous positions in both state and national fishing committees and is passionate about looking after the interests of recreational fishers and their rights and access.  

SCBOOT Delegate - Brett Sharp

Brett has been on the TARFish Committee since 2009 and is a successful small business operator in Tasmania. Brett is passionate about recreational fishing having dived and fished most of our coastal waters around the state. Brett runs Force 10 Charters and represents the interests of charter operators on the TARFish Committee. 

AFTA Delegate - Steve Bax

Steve was appointed to the TARFish Committee in 2014 and is the proprietor of Spot On the Fishing Connection in Hobart. Steve has strong links to the recreational fishing community through active sponsorship of major fishing events and his direct interactions at his busy Hobart Tackle store.

TGFA Delegate - John Edwards

John has been fishing Tasmanian waters for more than 40 years. In his early years he was a keen diver participating in spear fishing and representing Tasmania in the Australian Spearfishing Championships on a number of occasions. His early working years saw him commercially crayfishing the east, south and west coasts as well as scallop fishing in the north east. John became interested in game fishing during the early 80's while he lived and worked in a land based occupation on the Tasman Peninsula. In recent years John has been an enthusiastic game fishing competition competitor, is the current President of the Tuna Club of Tasmania and also a member of the Game Fishing Club Northern Tasmania. John has home bases in both Burnie and Hobart so recreationally fish's state wide. Fishing to John is seen as the jewel in the crown of the best state in Australia and is world class in what it offers every Tasmanian.

Expertise Representative - Jon Bryan

Jon is a current member of Abalone Fishery Advisory Committee (FAC), Crustacean FAC, Recreational FAC, Scalefish FAC and Scallop FAC. He is also a member of two Commonwealth fishery management advisory committees and a resource assessment group, and therefore has a broad experience of the way fisheries are managed in this part of the world. He has also been a member of the Marine and Marine Industry Council and a variety of other bodies involved with management of Tasmania's marine environment. Jon Bryan also has over thirty years direct experience of the Tasmanian marine environment, mostly via diving, but also through recreational fishing and work on research projects. He studied fisheries management, marine biology and ecology as part of his science degree. He currently does some work for the Tasmanian Conservation Trust on marine issues, but is primarily self-employed, where a major component of his work is underwater photography. Jon has dived widely around the world, including the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Maldives, Thailand, Canada and Ireland. He has a broad experience of local environmental issues as well as the way fisheries are managed in this part of the world.

Expertise Representative - John Cleary

John is the former Tasmanian Minister for Inland Fisheries 1992-98 and a former member of the Commonwealth Government Recreational Fishing Grants Assessment Panel, former Tasmanian Fisheries Research Advisory Board member and former Vice Chairman Recfish Australia from 2006 to 2008. He is the currently Chairman of the Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Advisory Council since 2007 and President Southern Highlands Progress Association. John is a currently a member of Fly Fishing Australia.

Expertise Representative - Dane Jones

Dane sat on the TARFish Committee for a number of years as the delegate member for the Australian Underwater Federation Tasmanian Branch and currently sits as an expertise based member with over 10 years experience working in the marine research area. Dane has a strong set of underwater research capabilities and remains a strong advocate for the underwater diving community in Tasmania.

Northern Region Representative - Travis Preece

Travis developed a passion for fishing at a very young age. He was a member of the Longford Fishing Club from the age of 5, where he held a range of official positions. With his involvement in the Longford Fishing Club he developed a passion for fly fishing and enjoys fishing the Tasmanian inland lakes as well as his local rivers and streams. Over the last 15 years Travis has developed his true love in game fishing. This began in 1993 with trips to Port Sorell and in more recent years he has been a keen angler out of St Helens. Travis's greatest fishing highlights include catching a 75kg Black Marlin off the coast of Samoa and winning the 2009 St Helens Game Fishing Classic. Travis is passionate about ensuring our fisheries are sustainable for future generations to enjoy. 

North East Region Representative - Howard Jones

Howard joined the TARFish Committee in 2017. Having fished the polluted canals and River Mersey as a child in northern England and arriving in Tasmania as a young man Howard was blown away by the incredible environment and the fishing opportunities his adopted state provided. He became an avid fly fisher for trout in highland lakes and lowland rivers. Sent to the east coast as a beginning teacher, crayfishing and diving became a new passion and the salt a major focus. Howard was blessed to take on marine science teaching at St Helens District School and revelled in sharing experiences of our unique environment with students of all ages. Care and respect for local fisheries, sustainability and a broad understanding of the marine environment are foundations of his teaching and remain a driver of Howard's continued learning. Now retired Howard has time and enthusiasm to both indulge in his passion for fishing and pursue his interest in the management of Tasmanian fisheries at a higher level. Howard hopes to both represent the concerns of anglers of the north east and communicate policies and decisions of TARFish to his local community.

Associate Member Representative - Glenn Macgowan

Glenn has been actively involved in line fishing, spear fishing and rock lobster potting activities in and around the state for the past 50 years. He was involved with fresh water fishing at a young age and then became passionate about salt water angling. Glenn has a holiday house at Pirates Bay, Eaglehawk Neck, and enjoys the thrill of catching the Southern Bluefin Tuna and bottom fishing for other species. He also enjoys targeting other species around Tasmania. Glenn is keen to support sustainable fishing to ensure that recreational fishers can enjoy this past-time into future generations. Glenn joined the committee in August 2016.

Associate Member Representative - Vacant


Chief Executive Officer - Mark Nikolai

Mark commenced as CEO in January 2008 and is an avid fisherman in freshwater and saltwater and an accredited advanced Scuba diver. Mark is an experienced senior manager with over 20 years extensive, practical hands on experience in large, medium and small Australian organisations. Combined with this extensive experience Mark has attained a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA Executive), Graduate Management Qualification and a Graduate Diploma in Management from Australia's premier busienss school, The Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW. Before his appointment with TARFish Mark was employed as a General Manager in a professional services organisation in Hobart and has a diverse background with senior management roles in, Finance and Accounting, Strategic Planning, Management Consulting, Information Technology, Customer Service, Internal Sales, Credit Management and Distribution. Mark is a natural leader who has managed teams in both state and national, dual reporting organisational structures. Mark was born and raised in Tasmania and spent 15 years living in Brisbane building his professional career before deciding to return to Tasmania.