The Tasmanian Marine Fisheries Map

TARFish has completed an electronic fisheries map to increase public awareness and knowledge about the breadth and extent of marine fishing activities in Tasmanian state waters. The map can only be used with the free software application Google Earth. A copy of the electronic map file can be downloaded by clicking on this MAP link.

We have tried to develop the map so that it is easy to use and provides the flexibility for you to include additional information that may be of interest to you. You can add your own information however if you need to subsequently download the Google Earth Marine Fisheries Map, say an updated version, please be aware you will need to save your data and reimport into the updated Marine Fisheries Map.
On the left hand side of the screen you will see your Sidebar which is where you will find the map information. If you cannot see the Sidebar click on the word View in the Toolbar at the top of the screen put a tick next to the word Sidebar. The information has been sorted in alphabetical order by fish species and by fishery. To learn how to use the map please follow the instructions in the example below as all information on the different fish species and fishery is the same.

This map overlay has been developed as an overlay for the freely available Google Earth software application. The following User Manual assumes users know how to use Google Earth and does not include details on Google Earth functionality.

   TMF Map User Manual June 2013

 The objectives of the TMF-Map project are:

  1. to identify the overall footprint of commercial marine fishing activities in state waters
  2. to increase public awareness and knowledge about the breadth and extent of marine fishing
  3. to map Marine Farming zones, areas and leases
  4. to map the commercial fishing fleet size by fishery and zones where applicable.
  5. to map Marine Protected Areas and Marine Reserves and other marine areas of interest

Marine fishing in Tasmania is an important social and economic contributor to the state’s economy. It extracts, farms and produces using public shared resources that are increasingly under pressure from various commercial and environmental issues.
Continuing access to the public marine environment is a key issue for the recreational fishing community and the broader public community. TARFish developed this map as there was no publicly available electronic resource that could easily identify the overall footprint and breadth of marine fishing activities for Tasmanian State Waters.


TARFish hopes that you find the map of interest and value and should you have any feedback please email us at

The Tasmanian Marine Fisheries Map (TMFMap) was a project funded by the Tasmanian Governments Fishwise Community Grants program


The information provided in this marine fishing map has been collected from publically available information and consequently can only be used as a guide, it should not be relied upon for navigation purposes nor should it be used to accurately identify boundaries, Zones, Sub Blocks etc. The level of detail in the information in the public domain does not allow this level of accuracy.